The Harmony Festival!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The office has finally been painted! I really wanted to show you a picture, but I can’t get it uploaded to the blog. Bummer. So…Please come check it out at the Harmony Festival! I will be sharing the booth with […]

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Like many people, at different times of my life I have achieved different levels of organization and productivity. Four years ago, a friend and I designed a visual planning  tool (V.I.A.) for integrating our core values into our daily lives and schedules. (My friend Elka continued developing this planning system and currently teaches the system in […]

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These Days

These days seem full of struggle and transition. So many of my clients and friends have said that they are feeling the world pressing upon them: the economy, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and dissatisfaction with the state of the world. I have certainly felt those things too. But I have also felt relaxed, joyful, grounded […]

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