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How We Work

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“As a new dad, a front yard farmer and the director of Daily Acts Organization, my schedule is more than a little abundant. Though at the heart of my living and work is the belief that self care is critical to live well and have a positive impact in the world. Working with Kat and her quiver of healing practices over the last many years has been ESSENTIAL to me to stay healthy, centered and contributing my best. And, she’s just so joyful and fun to be around!”


In order to best serve you, The Healing Heart has a very thorough intake process. The intake, and everything else that happens in your session is completely confidential. You may expect to be treated with respect at all times.  Because our bodies hold the stories of our lives and our belief systems, each client and indeed, each treatment, is unique. Please do not hesitate to communicate your needs. For massage treatments, you will have privacy while you undress, and you will be draped at all times.
 All treatments at The Healing Heart are non-sexual.



At The Healing Heart, healing is supported on three levels: physical, emotional/psychological, and spiritual. Based on the clients needs, treatments at The Healing Heart are a customized integration of the following modalities:


Deep Tissue massage Deep Tissue massage is deeper and more specific than Swedish. Deep tissue strokes often run across the muscle fiber, a technique called “cross fiber friction”. It can relieve chronic and severe pain, as well as dissolve scar tissue. Deep tissue sessions may focus on one or two areas only.  You might consider deep tissue if you: like deep bodywork, have aches/ pains, have limited range of motion.

Pregnancy massage Regular massage during pregnancy really helps to support the body as it changes to support growing life. Many of the more uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy can be lessened or alleviated with massage and bodywork. After the first trimester, this is a side lying massage.

Hot Stone Massage Hot stones are used as massage tools in this wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic treatment. The heat just feels good, but it also inspires muscles to relax and increases circulation in the body. Hot Stones might be appropriate for you if: you are constantly cold, experience chronic stress, or would like to feel nurtured.

Cupping Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique. Cups, either glass or plastic, are placed on your skin and suction is created via heat or vacuum.  The superficial muscle fibers and connective tissue directly underneath are pulled up into the cup.  If oil is applied to the skin first, the cups can be moved, an action called “running cups”.  Running cups mimics the movement of some deep tissue techniques, primarily skin rolling, and is often more comfortable than manual manipulation. Cupping might be helpful for you if you: need deep work but find it uncomfortable, would like to increase your flexibility, or would like to support your lymphatic system.

NOTE: We use only the finest quality, organic massage oils. Oils have healing properties; the oil used during your treatment will be selected specifically for you based on your health intake and your goals for the session- just another example of the extraordinary care provided at The Healing Heart. All of the oils used are locally made by Mystic Journeys; they contain essential oils, flower essences and gemstone essences and are also available for sale at The Healing Heart.



Zen Shiatsu Shiatsu, a type of acupressure, means “finger pressure.” Acupressure systems address meridians, or invisible energy channels, within the body. The practitioner balances the meridians, enhancing your wellness, by manipulating points along the channels. Zen Shiatsu is a particular style of shiatsu based upon the teachings of Shizuto Masanaga. Shiatsu is done through clothing and might be particularly beneficial for you if you: experience anxiety, have extreme emotional states that you would like to moderate, would like to cultivate a sense of centeredness.

L.I.M.B. therapy L.I.M.B. therapy (Laughter Infused Massage & Bodywork) is an inventive and profound creation of Kat’s. The concept is simple: a healing treatment with a generous dose of intentional humor. Clients who receive this work are always grounded and ecstatic about being in the body when the session is finished, making it a great choice for people who tend to become spaced out or disconnected from the body following bodywork. You might like this treatment if you: appreciate the healing qualities of laughter or long to feel completely present and ecstatic in your body.



Intuitive Energy Medicine IEM uses muscle testing to pinpoint imbalances in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies and to determine the origin of the imbalance. Throughout the process, you  receive tools for accessing your body’s intelligence as well as resources for bringing the body back into a harmonious state of being. This process addresses the causes of dis-ease and the symptoms. One treatment is usually sufficient. Many IEM recipients have described it as a spiritual reset. If you are looking to reset your life, you might find this treatment to be helpful.

IEM can be used to shift psychological and emotional states as well as physical discomforts.

Reiki Reiki is a type of energy work. Through a laying on of hands, the practitioner channels universal life force energy through their hands and balances your physical and emotional energies. An extremely gentle and profound modality, Reiki is done through clothing. If you need to fit a ten day hawaiian vacation into one hour, Reiki is the the treatment for you!

Tuning Forks The sound waves of tuning forks balance the subtle energy systems of the body. When a fork is struck so that it produces sound, the body resonates with the wave, modifying the the body’s frequency. Tuning forks can be used on or off the body,  are very relaxing, and can be used for chakra balancing and/or aligning the body’s subtle energy systems.

PsychicSomatic Counseling This modality honors, addresses, and integrates the many aspects of being. Kat uses clairvoyant, psychic, coaching and counseling techniques to guide you into deeper aareness of your self and your energetic, emotional and physical patterns. PsychicSomatic counseling is the modality for you if you are looking for tools to help you navigate your life more skillfully.



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