Like many people, at different times of my life I have achieved different levels of organization and productivity. Four years ago, a friend and I designed a visual planning  tool (V.I.A.) for integrating our core values into our daily lives and schedules. (My friend Elka continued developing this planning system and currently teaches the system in her

Mapping Your Inner Star workshop.

Its brilliant and so is Elka- I highly encourage you to peek at her website, which is delicious eye candy and some serious soul sustenance- simultaneously!)

I fell off my own organizational wagon when I began caring for an elderly friend of mine. And after his death and the little side roads that grief inspired me to travel, I never quite made it back into that organized self- until recently. I have made lists, set goals, berated myself for not getting things done, felt overwhelmed, and at times, not cared at all about a lack of progress. And yet my direct experience demonstrates that a life imbued with intention is a life that is rich and meaningful.

A year or so ago I heard about Esther Hicks’ approach to lists. Hicks, along with her husband Jerry, is well known for the books she wrote on The Law of Attraction. When Hicks makes a to do list she picks just a few things that she can get done and the rest she gives to God. I have attempted this also …but without stunning results.

Recently though it occurred to me that I really only have three things to do every day:

eat healthily, exercise, and meditate.

If I do those three things every day then my own to do list is naturally, organically and joyfully conquered.

Take this blog as an example. Getting it going has been occupying my to do list for about 4 or 5 months. Such a static thing, a list.  But voila, today it is written and I have conquered WordPress and posted it! And that is because I have fulfilled my daily requirements.

Maybe your formula is a little different. What are the things that you need to do everyday in order to feel balanced, centered, dynamic, and vital? I encourage you put those things at the very top of your daily TO DO list and see what transpires. And please oh please let me know…

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