These Days

These days seem full of struggle and transition. So many of my clients and friends have said that they are feeling the world pressing upon them: the economy, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and dissatisfaction with the state of the world. I have certainly felt those things too. But I have also felt relaxed, joyful, grounded and calm, even when there was chaos around me.  I know that the experience that I have of my life is my choice. There are many things that I cannot control or change but I can always transform the way I relate to my experience. I choose to cultivate fluidity, grace, playfulness and peacefulness. And that sounds good doesn’t it? But how does one achieve and maintain that state?


I really believe it’s the only way. Meditation is good citizenship. These days I find myself offering to sit with clients for ten or fifteen minutes before their treatment. These days I find myself daydreaming about driving all over Petaluma with the mobile office and holding small meditation groups. Try it. Sit for ten minutes in silence or download a meditation from iTunes. See how you feel and let me know. These days we all could use some Peace.

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